Friday, February 3, 2012

GPS (Gay Parade Syndrome)

Don't know if you remember the MSS (Mating Season Syndrome) where in spring the female SL birdies dress up to find themselves a mating partner? This is a simular one but with one difference it concerns the gay guys in SL operating a female av.

The Gay Parade never takes place in spring because gay guys hate having too much female competition AND they aim for the best "food". That's why you see them in crowded places just before springtime (February and March). In apperance they are easily to recognise because they love to wear pink as shown in this picture.

As for them trying to seduce a guy they use another strategy then women:
  1. They don't pretent they are chaste but stay themselves under all circumstances and show they enjoy life to the utmost.
  2. They never criticize other females dresses, shoes, hadbags or their compatibility with each other.
  3. They don't show any signs of jealousy but show they feel confident about themselves and have trust in others.
  4. They don't show diffident behavour and don't treat men as an emotional support.
  5. They don't use the "speech code" (What are you thinking about?) to catch his unawarenes and to pump real feelings and emotions out of them.
  6. They don't behave like proprietresses. They don't check on them by asking friends about his whereabouts or ransack his pockets. They give them space to do their own things.
  7. They don't behave too emotional. Don't cry over broken nails or burst into tears watching a movie.
  8. They don't behave like a shopaholic and don't insist that men must accompany them during shopping.
  9. They don't behave like chatterboxes and don't put every minute detail into a conversation.
  10. They never demonstrate their superiority over men by depriving them of sex in an attempt to punish them.
For guys they would make the best partners because they don't do the things men hate in women. This is a virtual world, a world of imagination so why care who's behind the avatar? As for women.. please don't let the gay guys get hold of all the good guys !

Uhohh... It leaves me really clueless why men drop sometimes unasked pictures of themselves in my inventory. I wonder if women do the same ^^