Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BMS (Bleating Man Syndrome)

There's a famous chinese proverb that is applicable to the Bleating Man Syndrome, namely: "When a sheep appears in a man he will soon start to bleat... Baahh".

This picture shows you a clear example of how this syndrome is shown in sl.

Often sinners in general and God's people are described as sheep. That said, would that also mean we have the characteristics of sheep? Here are some characteristics:

  1. Sheep are foolish: If there would be a scale for animal IQ, sheep would score close to the bottom of the scale. They are so irrational. You watch them as they pause in front of a stream. They know they can’t jump it or swim it. So what do they do? They jump in anyway!
  2. Sheep are slow to learn: Every shepherd can tell you countless stories about how sheep can be taught a very painful lesson, and yet fail to learn the painful lesson. A sheep may get caught in barbed wire trying to break through a fence. And the next day it will try it again, and again....
  3. Sheep are unattractive: Some animals may not be very bright, but make up for it with grace and elegance in their movement and actions. But sheep are so awkward, so lacking in agility and dignity. Sheep are dirty, smelly, and ugly.
  4. Sheep are demanding: Ever watch a lamb suckle its mother? Almost as soon as it is born, it is violently sucking its mother’s udders. And that insatiable demand never leaves them. They demand grass, grass, and more grass; day after day, and night after night.
  5. Sheep are stubborn: Have you ever tried to move a sheep? It’s like trying to move an elephant. Ever watched a shepherd try to manoeuvre a sheep into a fold or a dip-tank. It’s like trying to wrestle with a devil.
  6. Sheep are strong: Macho men have been beaten by sheep. You look at their skinny “arms” and “legs” and think “easy.” Next thing you are flat on your back or face down in the dirt. It's like getting run over by a tank.
  7. Sheep are straying: Perhaps the main reason The Bible chooses sheep to characterize us, more than any other animal, is because of its well-deserved reputation for straying and getting lost. Often you can find sheep in the middle of nowhere -miles from anyone and anything- and totally unconcerned. Or find them on a cliff or a lethal ledge what makes you think  “How did it get there?”
  8. Sheep are copycats: When one sheep decides to start running, they all decide to start running. If you were able to ask one, “Why did you start running?” it would say, “Well, because he started running.” The next would say the same. And the next one. And when you got to the last sheep he would just say, “I dunno.”
  9. Sheep are restless: Sheep sleep very little. You always can catch them eating grass, grass and grass. They say that for sheep to lie down they need freedom from fear, freedom from friction with others, freedom from hunger, and freedom from pests and parasites. A very rare combination.
  10. Sheep are dependent: Some animals can cope and thrive without any close supervision. Not sheep. They are very dependent on their shepherd. They cannot live without him/her.
(Source: Sheep: "This time it's personal" / David Murray at The HeadHeartHand Blog)

We keep logging on and on no matter how many times we get hurt or fooled, we don't wait until we're rezzed but run people over, people get partnered over and over again, we are disrepectful and egoistic, a lot of avs still look and walk like newbies after  a long time online, SL is a MMORPG and yet there are a lot of sims with only one av on, we copy other avs appearance and clothes and go to the most crowded places.

I think the resemblance with sheep characteristics speaks for itself and only gets magnified
in SL. Uhhohh... We're all just dumb sheep!!

lolzzz Spencer... You're not only messed up but now also meshed up! Uhhohh.. and please don't stop growling. I never fancied sheep ;)