Monday, January 30, 2012

RTS (Rabbit Teeth Syndrome)

Rabbit teeth grow continuously throughout their lives. Normal chewing action and grinding of tooth against tooth wears them down to just the point that they don't overgrow.This picture shows you a clear example of
the overgrown Rabbit Teeth syndrome in SL. It seems to occur most with women in SL.

This means that the persons suffering RTS in SL don't take very good care of themselves in RL. They spend probably way too much time on their ass eating chips, burgers and other junk food. Besides suffering RTS they are or become obese and wheezy.

People with overgrown rabbit teeth are lucky that they aren't disposed of, as some rabbits, or many of them would have been culled on early age.

To prevent overgrown rabbit teeth you should start a high fibre diet and get off your lazy ass.

As for the men meeting women with RTS in SL. Better keep your cellphone close in case you want to have sex with them.You'll need it to call 911 !!