Saturday, January 28, 2012

PPS (Peno Pause Syndrome)

This syndrome isn't about the male menopause, called andropause. In European countries and the United States, andropause generally starts at 40 when most men are at the pinnacle of their careers, and a decline in the hormonal level has a negative influence on their careers as well as personal life.

The Peno Pause however kicks in with men at age 55+. Most of them are in a bad marriage in RL or in the middle of a divorce, don't have a regular job and not much else to go for. They feel frustrated and escape to SL to desperately look for what they lacked for a long time in RL. Hidden behind their avatar they transcend all forms of immorality. They become agressive and vulgar perverts and believe the world revolves around their own wants and needs and whims. They have a sick disregard for the universal law of "reaping what you sow" because they think it doesn't apply them or can negatively effect them.

Men suffering PPS are not always easy to recognise. Some characteristics are:

- Are online almost 24/7
- In their profiles you find text as "I don't give a shit", "Fuck off", "My sl not yours" etc
- The longer online the more alts they create. They think they're smart with creating
   opposite looking alts.
- Are often very vulgar in local as well in chat. They use a lot of "fuck" and " shit"
- They hit often on much younger women for ego boost
- They ask for pussy pics and spread cock pics around
- Some fall easier "in love" than you can blink with your eyes
- Some are big spenders in SL. Friends seem easy to buy in SL ^^

Last but not least.. they don't only start to look as punks but behave even worse. If you see a punk as shown in the pic in places like ballrooms etc you know you have to do with an "Old Punk". You really think a 20-25 yo guy would go to places like that? Go figure !