Friday, May 18, 2012

EOS (Enlarged Organ Syndrome)

In this virtual world some people take to making their pixel organs somewhat enlarged. For instance this poor soul. In an attempt to attract the ladies he's tried to make his "Admiral Winky" easier on the eye. Alas this has backfired and instead he's made it resemble a greedy hamster. I appreciate that women tend to like cute and cuddly things but generally not when they're attached to a mans groin. However, it may be a cunning
ploy to enable him to go to Franks with his "Chubby Conquistador" out because when challenged he can simply say he's taking his hamster for a walk and that isn't against the rules (yet).

If you want to see extreme examples of EOS I suggest you visit the Keyhole Club. Here you can view a plethora of strange organs. Men seen wearing the kind of weapons the size of which are only matched by those on display in a North Korean military parade. Rumour has it that the late Kim Jong Il was a frequent visitor to the Keyhole Club to get inspiration for new missiles. That and a bit of pixel rubbing.

So if you're ever tempted to perform some pixel surgery on your organs please heed this warning. Making them look like small mammals isn't suddenly going to make people want to jump into bed with you. It's more likely to make them want to place them in a cage and feed them nuts.

All credits for this one go to Spencer. Besides being my beastie bestie I officially appointed him now as my co-writer and english teacher. His English is soooo much better than mines :) xxxxxx