Saturday, April 28, 2012

SBS (Slapping Breasts Syndrome)

SL is a pixelworld and we can be whoever or look however we want. However, both men and women have the tendency to exaggerate. Especially when it comes to penises and boobs. Maybe because are THE bodyparts both genders feel most insecure about in RL ^^

Since last year there is this new feature in most viewers called the avatar physics. Have you seen these big boobed women that put the slider a bit too far to the right? Do they really think it looks realistic and or even sexy? Omg... looking at those big boobs move like heavy bags filled with water makes one seasick so you better don't look at them dancing on an upbeat tune. It's really beyond my imagination that men can get turned on by looking at it. On this picture you see the equivalent of the Slapping Breast Syndrome in RL. You still like what you see? Go and join the Woobly Boobly Club!