Thursday, June 2, 2011

DHS (DickHead Syndrome)

The most well known meaning of the word DickHead is for a male person who "thinks with his dick". This type of male is always right, and when questioned will come back with something witty that will make you sound so stupid, you will never want to challenge again. Personal subjects will be thrown out there, and tears usually follow. Will constantly point out your negatives and will just generally make you feel worse about yourself. This person is usually very good at comebacks and will not take offense to anything. (Source: Urban Dictionary).

In SL however the word DickHead gives a complete new meaning or syndrome to this word. Where else can it be taken so literally? You can either put a dick ON your head as shown in the left pic or someone can stick a dick IN your head as shown in the right pic.

I suggest that all males that are operating a female av here put a dick ON their head. Give me a call and I will send one to you for free. Nice detail, it can kind of wiggle really cute.

As for the stick dick IN head... you men better believe it when a woman says she's not into pixelsex here or has a headache when you ask her for sex again.

The dick on the right pic belongs to a pornstar here that I hired for this pic. Couldn't find a friend that wanted to figure for this one. Lolzzz.... Have no idea why. I myself have whatsoever no problems with acting or looking like a fool here.