Monday, May 30, 2011

BIS (Blind I Syndrome)

This syndrome can't be captured on a pic because it's shown most in people's behaviour and not in their appearance. However the Phoenix radar can give you an indication when at Client is a questionmark. Statistics show that more and more people log on to this pixel world on IPhones, IPods, IPads or equivalent products. The characteristics are: they always rezz (if they rezz at all) where they left last time and often pick this spot carefully, they always stand because can't click to sit, have only access to 2nd life tab, groups, picks of someone's profile and can access their inventory to rezz pics. Furthermore these people are blind as a mole because their view is limited to map and radar. However they are able to accept tp's. I wonder why someone would send them a tp? Chatting with them can be really somnolent because they are soooooo slow so you better keep more windows open to prevent falling asleep.

Big question is why people log on to this pixelworld without being able to see the pixels? Are it the true addicts that want to stay in touch with their friends on sl wherever they go? But what about the ones that seem to im people randomly not able to see that you're already dancing or whatever you might be doing ^^. Pretty annoying !!

The latter group I recommend to go and visit a non-pixelated chat site as below:

Wrote this one with a little help of a friend (Sink) suffering BIS. He wanted me to add that people with BIS are also really funny and have great personality. Of course I don't agree with him (I never do).