Friday, April 29, 2011

MSS (Mating Season Syndrome)

Springtime !!!

This picture shows you clearely the effects that springtime has on women suffering MSS. Their colorful, iridescent plumage makes them easy to recognize. SL Birdies get all dressed up and start showing off their feathers while hormones are running through their bodies. The instinctive and animal urge to mate can't be denied. These birdies are exceptionally flexible mating partners. They may be monogamous, polygamous, or polyandrous and you can find them where "food" is plentiful.

The Birdies usually show these signs:

* Are more grumpy, moody and sometimes even become violent towards other Birdies
* Has large, stinky droppings. (Trust me, you will know the difference)
* Starts to like dark places (dungeons, sexclubs, brothels, BDSM places)
* She's desperately looking for a 'nesting spot' (Keeps asking about it in every conversation)
* A cere (a small thing above the nose) shows up and turns darker and darker
* She will have a oval (round) shape on her vents (bottom)

The mating season in SL ends at the end of May.
So for the (pea)cocks amongst the guys.... Go get those birdies !!!

And this is how this syndrome got written... Thanks Laila :))
[11:11] Laila Laperriere: is it peacock season?
[11:11] Laila Laperriere: there is a woman in a blue dress with a peacock thing lol
[11:11] Laila Laperriere: you know..peacocks sprout there feathers when they want to mate LOL
[11:13] Sanne Grantly: lolzzz
[11:13] Sanne Grantly: Would make a good syndrome