Monday, April 25, 2011

DDS (Dark & Deep Syndrome)

The Dark & Deep Syndrome can occur with men and women but is most expressed in appearance by men in sl. The DDS is also known as "Being boobeared in pdx". How they look and what they write in their profile is enough to keep most people at distant. However, this falsely given information is a way to hide their true identity. To get to know people with DDS better isn't easy because they are
very introvert (not to be mistaken with shyness). Basically, an introvert person is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people only small talking. Introverts are more concerned with the inner world of the mind. They enjoy thinking, exploring their own thoughts and feelings and others. Talk with them about ideas and concepts and they will show you more of themselves. And who knows... you could have found the "boobear" you always wished for.

With approval of the guy on the pic.....
[07:54] Sanne Grantly: Finished !!
[07:56] Sanne Grantly: DDS
[07:57] ARebours Benazzi: oh let me see
[07:57] Sanne Grantly: Ohhh... have to upload
[07:58] ARebours Benazzi: rrrrr
[07:58] Sanne Grantly: moment please
[07:58] ARebours Benazzi: ok
[08:00] Sanne Grantly: Got it?
[08:01] ARebours Benazzi: moment i read
[08:02] ARebours Benazzi: ok i accept and allowed you ^^