Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HNS (Hard Nipple Syndrome)

This picture shows u an example of HNS (Hard Nipple Syndrome). The nipples of a womans breast become pointed, hard, and erect when they're stimulated or the woman is horny or when she feels cold. Nipples aren't really a sexual organ but generally feel good when rubbed, sucked, licked or bitten. It typically turns guys on when they see a girls hard nipples showing through her shirt, especially when the girl isn't wearing a bra. Guys go crazy with a wet t-shirt contest. This picture shows u an example of a woman with permanently hard nipples in SL. Also called "permanipplelipilis". The showing of her hard nipples is really a desperate cry 4 attention. The color of the nipples also tells u something. The paler the nipples are the longer ago it was that she has been really satisfied by a man. The following color scale can be distinguished: very dark (< 1 week), dark (>1 week < 2 weeks), medium (2 weeks < 3 weeks), light (3 weeks < 6 weeks)and pale (> 6 weeks). Although most men like medium-very dark nipples best, the women with medium-pale nipples will do almost anything and r indefatigable just 2 please u in order 2 get an orgasm themselves.