Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AFS (Ass "up" Face "down" Syndrome)

The name of the syndrome should make it clear 2 u which sexual position he favours.
This picture shows u only the more "visible" characteristics of of a male suffering of AFS. They usually shape their av with care and have often more than 1 shape (shapeshifter). They chose their size with care. They r often less tall than the average male in SL. Their eyes show always a kinda insidious expression. Besides that they pick their outfit appropriate 2 any specific occasion. Their "victims" r very tall or tiny good looking women that always wear short skirts with nice panties(never shorts!!) under it. Their camera is always moving under the skirt. They are often fanatic roleplayers with very good emoting skills. They *smirk*, *arch a brow*, *roll eyes*, *point at crotch* a lot and challenge and provoke u all the time 2 make u feel uncomfortable yet keep u interested. They will play with u until they've u in the position they want and thats on ur knees with ur Ass up and Face down (4 the best access). For them this is THE ultimate exciting brain cinema. Best advice: Either u turn ur back and walk away or if u wanna play "Have fun" (but dont cry afterwards).