Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HAS (Highly Affectionate Syndrome)

This pic shows u an example of HAS. The desire 2 be loved and appreciated is so deeply engrained that its considered as a fundamental human need. Affection encompasses verbal and nonverbal behaviors through which feelings of fondness, support, and love for others are conveyed. But it also enhances the health and well-being of those who receive enough. They are less susceptible 2 depression and stress. Those who receive less tend 2 be more susceptible 2 psychosomatic illness and it can lead 2 abuse of alcohol, aggression, loneliness and depression. As u all know within the virtual world affection can be shown in different ways and a lot of people are looking 4 it. In case of HAS the need of affection is shown by having a monkey that can be seen as a persons best friend who gives advice 2 stay out of trouble. People with HAS dont look for intimate relations in SL. They have a warm and loving relation in RL and the monkey prevents them from possible adultery.