Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FCS (First Crush Syndrome)

This picture shows u an example of FCS. 1st crushes r an inevitable and normal rite in rl and sl. The average age of a 1st crush in rl is between 9-12 when a new awareness about gender emerges and puberty kicks in. In sl the 1st crush can kick in on every age but within 3 months of coming online. The symptoms in rl and sl r very much the same. U can feel confused coz feelings r new 2 u and u arent sure how 2 act. U could have mixed feelings. A part of u might feel embarrassed and u want 2 run away and hide. Another part hopes ur crush shares the same feelings. U can also feel shy, giddy, tongue-tied, blush, walk on clouds, see rainbows and feel butterflies in ur tummy. U cant choose ur crushes. They just sneak up on you and — wow — who was that? If u feel strange around ur crush, ur not alone. That's how most people feel. Crushes r new and exciting, so enjoy them while they last. Dont let it become a drama, keep realizing ur not a 9-12 yo kid anymore!!!!