Monday, July 25, 2011

LAS (Lazy Ass Syndrome)

This picture shows you a clear example of the Lazy Ass Syndrome. Strangly enough it mostly occurs with men in sl when they're trying to dance. What those men don't know is that it can only be seen by others.They are so deluded that they SEE themselves dance. These men are real lazy asses in rl who sit all day behind the pc.. with beer and burgers... and flirt and talk dirty on sl because they don't have a real sexual life. The sitting position in sl tells you also something. When they sit at a woman's back they like to take her from the back  what makes the sex more anonymous. It doesn't matter to them what age the woman involved is, who she is or how she looks. If you're looking for just plain and anonymous sex these are the perfect guys to have sex with and then forget about them the next day.

N.B. Lolzzzz... Some men are really inspiring. Thanks Spencer :)