Sunday, January 16, 2011

TSS (Toilet Slave Syndrome)

I thought nothing could surprise me anymore on here but must admit that this is the most appalling syndrome I came across on sl.

The woman on the pic was wearing a titler with "Toilet Slave". That caught my interest so I started to do some research. A Toilet Slave is about as hardcore as it gets, basically they are a human toilet. Their master defecates and urinates on the slave.
It can be on them or in their mouth or vagina/anus, it's pretty much as horrid as it gets. I dont want to judge them but i can't help wanting to throw up when i think about it (which btw would be a turn on for a toilet slave). I don't recommend any one try it. It's a 10 on the Kink-O-Meter.
In case you want to take the test: