Monday, September 13, 2010

UMS ÜberMensch Syndrome

The Übermensch is a concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche posited the ÜberMensch as a goal for humanity to set for itself.

The Übermensch can be translated as the Beyond-Man or Over-man. There is no overall consensus regarding the precise meaning of the Übermensch,
nor one of the importance of the concept in Nietzsche's thought. However, let me give u the meaning of the Übermensch in sl. Strangely, but I've seen it only with men in sl. The Übermensch in sl judges everything to their own standards. They think they are in total control over their own world.
They are selfish and egostic. They think of themselves as a leader, a person who rules or guides or inspire others and try to spread their influence to those around them through petty insults and misinterpretation. They like to think they are in total control over their own world. However, it's obvious that one who thinks himself superior than others usually does that in order to compensate something they lack in rl. In sl you can find them always in crowded "formal" places hanging around there almost all day and talk in local chat all the time. They are dressed as a perfect gentleman, have a somewhat conservative haircut (only have seen them dark-haired) and often wear sunglasses (as in the picture). They will proclaim they are there on their IPod and have a well-paid job as a consultant or salesman. Sometimes the picks in their profile shows u their prejudiced opinion of this world and the people in it. If you talk to them and want to be sure if it's someone suffering UMS, say something that can be interpreted as an insult. If you get as response "MUTED" you know it's one of them.


Lolzzzzz... I think this one shows a bit 2 much my personal dislike against prejudiced, judgemental and narrow-minded people ;)