Friday, December 11, 2009

HES (Hiding Eye Syndrome)

This picture shows u an example of HES. Its obvious why the sydrome is called this way. Men who suffer from HES cover half their face and will show u only half of the man they're in rl or are in rl only half of the man they show in sl. So u will get either 100% or just 25%. What they write in their profile could tell u something abt what kinda man ure dealing with but also could be a big cover up. The only way 2 find out is 2 get 2 know these type of guys better. But be aware. Can take some time b4 u really find out ure dealing with a 25% guy. They dont blow easily their cover. U have 2 ask ureself if its worth 2 spend much time on it.

25% or 100%....... :p
[4:34] Des: Interesting profile. I read your Picks section and tried to figure out which one fit me LOL
[4:34] San: Maybe ur a new 1 :p
[4:35] Des: well I'm sure if you took the time to talk with me you would find a category for me lmao
[4:35] San: HES for example
[4:35] Des: oh
[4:35] Des: what's HES
[4:35] San: Hiding Eye Sydrome
[4:35] Des: lmao good one
[4:35] San: Can i take ure pic?
[4:35] San: ehehehehehe
[4:36] Des: ummmm no I don't need to be in your profile LOL I'm sure I'm in enough saying how bad I am
[4:36] San: oops, sorry but just made a pic
[4:36] Des: oh well
[4:37] San: keep watching my blog :p
[4:37] Des: lmao
[4:37] Des: guess I'll have to now
[4:37] San: lolzzzzzzzz
[4:38] San: Normally i cover the eyes but cant with HES
[4:38] Des: lmao..sort of defeats the purpose if you do
[4:38] San: ehehehehe right
[4:39] San: but wont mention ure name
[4:39] San: only if u want me 2
[4:39] Des: oh don't be showing my RL pic on your blog either
[4:39] Des: I'm sure there are enough pics of me at your local Post Office
[4:39] San: Most wanted.. huh?
[4:41] Des: damn your so smart LOL you have a mind that ummmm well forget it I'm lost in my thoughts and forgot what I was saying
[4:41] San: Yeahhh i have that all the time :p
[4:41] Des: so we fit in the same category then
[4:42] Des: lmao
[4:42] San: I am the 1 and only in MY category :p
[4:43] Des: I also have the CSS the Can't Spell Syndrome
[4:43] San: Lucky 4 u i am not an english teacher
[4:43] San: My english sucks
[4:44] Des: lmao damn skippy I'm lucky
[4:45] San: well enjoy ure day
[4:45] San: I've a syndrome 2 write :p