Friday, November 13, 2009

BBS (Beach Boy Syndrome)

This picture shows u an example of BBS. This syndrome can be recognized very easily. U just have to take a look at a men's feet to see if he's wearing flip flop slippers. To determine if he's really suffering from BBS the environment in which he's wearing the slippers is crucial. As long as he's wearing them on the beach there's no problem BUT if u see a man wearing them in some fancy place (ballrooms and clubs) beware... then he's suffering from BBS. He wants 2 be a real beach boy but lacks the appearance and attitude of one. He goes 2 fancy places 2 try and pick up a pretty chick 2 show off at the beach in order 2 improve his self esteem 2 increase his confidence and finding happiness and a better life. It's an illusion 2 think it can be found in SL.