Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UGS (Unknown Gender Syndrome)

This picture shows u an example of UGS. It's also known as "androgyny". As this pic shows it's the mixing of masculine and feminine characteristics. These persons dont fit yet cleanly into the typical masculine and feminine gender roles of society and r "between" woman and man mentally AND in apperance. Androgynous men and women r mostly more flexible and more mentally healthy than either masculine or feminine individuals. In close relationships they can be the perfect partner. In SL it's hard 2 catch an androgynous men or woman in his/her true shape. They appear mostly in a real male or female shape. However they can be recognized in SL by the name they chose 4 their av. They chose often initials (JS/MK etc) added with a number (JS103/29MK). The number tells u something about the amount of feminine or maculine traits. With less than 100 they show more masculine traits and with more than 100 they show more feminine traits.  My advice would be: Go and find ure perfect match!!!