Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TFS (Travestic Fetishism Syndrome)

In this case the Transvestic Fetishism refers specifically 2 cross-dressing. These men dont feel the need 2 become the other sex but just experience sexual arousal with dressing in women clothes. Some male transvestic fetishists collect women's clothing as slips, lingerie, stockings and pantyhose, items of a distinct feminine look and feel. They may dress in these feminine garments and take photographs of themselves while living out their secret fantasies. In SL they can be easily recognized coz they chose a neutral name so they can change their sex whenever they want, male characteristics on their female av face, 2 big breasts, preference 4 pink dresses, 2 much bling bling and having a pic of a beautiful girl in their 1st life tab. The combination of the look of their av and the pic shows so obviously that it cant be a woman in rl.