Sunday, September 25, 2011

GLS (Granny Love Syndrome)

Most (older) men seem to be attracted by beauty and youth both in RL as SL to make them feel better. One should think that in a pixelworld as SL age wouldn't be a criteria when it comes to matters of the heart. Older women with younger men romance or marriage is nowadays not a matter of awe anymore. A lot of men have found love, harmony and happiness with older women in RL. Nevertheless, in SL it seems to be still very rare. However, this picture shows you a clear example of the real Granny Love Syndrome in SL.

What makes guys attracted to older woman?
Below some reasons or benefits for getting involved with an older woman:

Older Women have more experience with men, know what they want and are more stable. Men feel more comfortable with them. Older women by default bring more life experiences into the relationship and nurture the growth of their partner without trying to be in command of the relationship.

The fact that older women are taboo makes young men attracted to them. Our Society is used to see older men and younger women more than the other way round. The normal tendency of people is that they want what is a ‘forbidden fruit’.

Lesser Competition: Young women may have several men chasing after them. Older women offer an alternative. Younger men feel more attractive and it boost their ego. They can also feel more confident saying "no" when their partner asks them for sex. They can always blame it on Alzheimer....and say baby we did it last night.

Many people also agree to the fact that sex gets better with age and getting an experienced partner is considered a plus because older women know what they want and they have experience towards pleasing a man. Besides that they won't get pregnant that easily anymore. Also some young men like the feeling of nipples touching their knees and prefer blowjobs without teeth (dentures out).

People gain more confidence as they grow older. Many young men find older woman attractive as tend to be less superficial. A conversation with an older woman can be interesting and intellectual whereas majority of younger women tend to be silly, immature and sometimes shallow.

Majority of older women are financially independent and has successful careers. Men like it when his partner is self-sufficient and self-supportive and don’t need them to take care of her.

The need for Mothering. It is said that all males have a child in them. An Older woman can easily fulfill that need in them.

And last but not least, as clearly shown on this pic, there is the famous Granny's "goodie bag". Once she shows the younger guy what's in the bag there is no escape possible.

Tallyn... You didn't have to hide behind dark glasses. I think it's kind of cute ;)